Moxa on Earth and in Space

01 Oct 2019

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Technology Suited for Space

Moxa is advancing science and technology research within the NASA Glenn Research Center and aboard the International Space Station.

Midwest Integration & Automation, in collaboration with NASA, worked to pinpoint exactly what the internal infrastructure requires as NASA is making network upgrades. In search of a qualified network switch vendor, Midwest Integration & Automation suggested the innovative, future-proof features of Moxa switches as a solution.

Following comprehensive testing, Moxa proved to have the highest performance ranking due to switch functionality and its price, given capability, being more favorable than competitors. Additionally, the focus of cybersecurity in Moxa switches would allow NASA to have the security they demand and assurance that the product won't become obsolete because of its future-proof features.

Similarly, after extensive testing, The International Space Station (ISS), the largest and most complex international scientific and engineering space project to date, has adopted Moxa's technology in its External Wireless Communication and Tracking system — Moxa's historical space debut in orbit around the Earth.

The ISS tested for a solution that qualifies for an External High Definition Camera (EHDC), is able to withstand fluctuating temperatures between -100° and 100°C, and is capable of enduring harsh radiation levels. The results of these series of functional tests proved that Moxa's technology is able to handle the harshest environments and confirmed that it's a rugged solution resilient enough to perform in space as it met all three of those challenges.

Companies and organizations like NASA and the ISS trust Moxa because of the reputation Moxa has for delivering robust products with reliable capability that fulfill needs and meet standards, whether it's on Earth or in space.

Midwest Integration & Automation can help spec the Moxa part you need. We have the capability to integrate, program, and install, if necessary. We can provide anything from a simple part and stock to "turn-key" solutions — a one stop shop for your engineering needs.

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